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Throughout my struggles with mental health challenges, I’ve found solace in the words of others who have dared to share their vulnerabilities. People who have been through something similar to my own experience or worse.

I’m drawn to the authors who are honest and raw in their writing and sharing. Perhaps my need to seek them out is a result of being someone who carries so much shame from her own experiences in life. Seeing others standing courageously in their truth is inspiring. Brenè Brown, the hero of vulnerability, says:

Shame derives its power from being unspeakable.

So what better…

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I'm free. Free from MLM group invites from my cousin's best friend who just won't take a hint, free from an algorithm that imposes a biased-looped-echo chamber on its users, free from doomscrolling, and free from engaging in a platform that encourages the worst in humanity, free from my part in all of this.

I am free, free, free, and free at last after nearly fourteen years of being a member.

Overkill much? Not quite. I am overjoyed with the fact that I don't have to see what my first crush from elementary school is up to or the QAnon…

Woman leaning against wall while smiling at laptop.
Woman leaning against wall while smiling at laptop.
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Last year was the year I reached a boiling point. I finally became fed up. Fed up with my job in marketing, my capricious-micromanaging-boss, the tasks and high-pressure nature of the job, and the toxic environment in which I was expected to perform in, never mind succeed in.

I spent most days in tears. I wasn't doing what I wanted to do. My talents felt wasted as I neared burnout for the second time in a year. The pressure amounted to a near-impossible situation that was suffocating my mental health.

I needed a change, and I needed one fast. Marketing…

Girl holding sparkler in front of her
Girl holding sparkler in front of her
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Most people right now are contemplating their resolutions for 2021. Losing that quarantine weight, hitting the gyms (once they reopen), drinking less alcohol, meditating every day, reaching zen, running a four-minute mile, etc. While that's all nice and dandy, let's face it, resolutions are made in an inspired moment while anticipating that shiny blank slate the new year brings with it. With over 80% of resolutions failing each year, why choose a practice that doesn't stick?

You know what does stick with you all 365 days of the year, little to no effort required? Your past and your lessons learned…

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I realized something was amiss after returning home from a drive one day five years ago. Still shaking and with my heart pounding in my chest as I walked through my front door, I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened.

Although I'm usually a careful driver, I was lost in my own mind, and I took a wrong turn at a stoplight into oncoming traffic. I didn't even realize what had happened until I heard the swarm of honks from angry drivers around me.

It scared me. I had managed to escape unscathed from the situation, but the…

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The other night, I woke up in a cold sweat, heart hammering in my chest. I checked my phone and saw it was 3 AM. I groaned and turned over, knowing there wasn’t going to be any sleep left for me that night.

“He” had made a dramatic return to my dreams, reminding me of the tumultuous parting we had.

Even two years later, his ghost has the power to rob me of rest when it shows up both unannounced and unwelcomed.

It seems that my subconscious is still affected by the trauma of the way he left. No matter…

Attention Startup CEOs:

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Work culture is something that can either make or break our overall satisfaction in life. It dictates behavior, attitudes, values, communication, decision making, and social interactions within your company.

Whether it’s positive, toxic, or somewhere in between, it has the power to affect your business’ bottom line.

Startup culture is especially susceptible to toxicity because of the high-pressure nature of the environment. Products and services are being rushed to market, cash is tight, and you’re always chasing after that next investment. …

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I’ve been an American expat in Norway for over eighteen years. And, I have to say, never have I been more relieved to be stuck in my adopted country.

It seems that back home, a select group of individuals has grossly misinterpreted the promises of the American Dream and what it means to possess personal liberties.

You know who I’m referring to; the people in the viral videos you see screaming at and spitting on store clerks when asked to put on a mask. …

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The shock is starting to wear off as the truth settles in. It’s real, and it hurts. Everything that made sense before no longer does. The reality that you knew has been shattered. Your heart has been broken, and you’ve been left to glue together the pieces.

Or perhaps you saw this coming from a mile away. Maybe you were the one to pull the trigger, or it was a mutual decision between the two of you — overall, a decision that was made for the best. The arguments, the increasing distance, and the growing sense of ambivalence became too…

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Healthcare has proven itself to be a loaded topic for both the American left and right. It’s no secret that it’s something that polarizes our political spectrum, and it’s no secret that there is a vast amount of misinformation out there on which implications a universal healthcare system would have on our country.

The left idealizes universal healthcare like it’s the second coming of Jesus, and point to the Nordic countries as some sort of utopia that is without fault. They are quick to mention that countries like Norway are successful democratic socialist societies, when in fact it operates under…

Kelsey L.O.

Texan expat in Norway since '02.

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